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For thousands of millions ago, a technologic advanced race called the Guardians existed in the White Fox Galaxy. At some point, the Guardians created a genetic modified army of soldiers to do their biddings. However, they soon began questioning their creators, especially about the concept of free will. A war broke out between the two faction, with the Guardians on the losing side. However, before the war began, a Guardian scientist had created a world which he dubbed Planet Eden. The purpose of Eden was to recreate an ancients Guardian world called Gaia and its history. But when the war was coming to and end, the Guardians were forced to abandon the project and, in there hurry, they accidentally left a warship behind on Eden, which would later be discovered by the Terrans in the future and us its technology.

Delta Galaxy is a fictional universe story created by me (Fox Protector). Delta Galaxy follows the humans (known as the Terrans by the Chernovians) from the planet of Eden and their journey in the Galaxy.



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